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The Watchman Outside Our Place

Hello! And welcome to our site. Our small but excellent menu includes dishes from Thailand and Indochina, and now Japan!  We specialize in homemade Thai curries, Pad Thai, Springdale rolls, Vietnamese Banh Xeo, Springdale Stir-fry, Sushi Rolls, Miso Soup  and Vegetarian dishes as well as local desserts. We also have a childrens menu & some Western dishes.

Everything on our menu is homemade giving us the distinction in Southern Utah of a truly natural and delicious, Asian cuisine. We also pay close attention to health by using the highest quality ingredients including organic, natural or Non-GMO products whenever possible, such as Tofu, Beef, chicken breast, peanut butter, Edamame, eggs, high oleic sunflower oil, and a variety of produce from our own garden and orchard or from local farmers. We also use stainless steel cookware and no MSG can be found in our kitchen. 


Our goal is to make natural, delicious and healthy Southeast Asian food.  Firstly, we are a fusion restaurant, not Thai.  The name 'Thai' honors both Thailand  and the Chinese/Vietnamese word of the same spelling which means 'Great'.  The name 'Sapa' stands for a hill tribe community at 5,000 ft. in Vietnam at the Chinese border.  Secondly, because we use the best possible ingredients within our 'fusion' format our taste is a departure from more mainstream Asian restaurants.  For example, fresh broccoli (not pre-cooked frozen) is used in our curries along with fresh carrots and summer squash because they are locally grown or bio-regional and more delicious instead of “authentic” canned vegetables such as water chestnuts and bamboo shoots.  And we make all but two of our appetizers from scratch instead of factory made as many other  places do.   We believe our approach is superior in taste, but many Asian restaurants in the US, except in a few fusion places scattered about, rely on flavor enhancers, factory made products and canned or frozen products almost exclusively.  Some of our patrons are unaccustomed to our style and might find it difficult to understand.  For this reason we offer a few dishes which are more mainstream.

In addition, our healthy business practices include ecological and carbon footprint concerns. We have an aggressive recycling program, which includes the use of our used fry oil in our various friend's old diesels, and some of our electric power is dedicated from wind energy production. In addition we use recycled paper towels, napkins, garbage bags and to-go containers and bio-degradable plasticware and detergents as much as possible.

Thai Sapa was born out of Chef Tungs love of cooking in her café in Vietnam and her husband Dennis' love of both the town of Sapa and the world famous Thai coconut dish, Tom Khaa Gai. Originally,they had planned to open a restaurant and guest house (called Frank Sapas') in Sapa, but that plan fell through enabling them to open TS in Springdale!  Please join us and enjoy the aromas and flavors of the East in our classic Western National Park, Zion!

 We are currently located in  the courtyard of the Big Screen Theater at 198 Zion Park Blvd. in Springdale, Utah, 1/4 mile South of the Zion National Park entrance. Our phone number is 435-772-0510. Bon appetit.


Do Sei Thep, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pagan, Burma


Thai Sapa,  145 Zion Park Blvd.  Springdale, UT  84767